Custom Sports Mouthguards in Seattle, WA

Protecting Your Smile

If you are involved in sports, it's important to keep your body as protected as possible to prevent injury. One way you can do this is by wearing a mouthguard to protect your teeth and mouth. Wearing a mouthguard will not only prevent damage to your teeth and jaw — it will also help prevent concussion and other head trauma. Here at the office of Dr. Henry Chin, DDS, our dental team proudly offers a host of mouthguards for athletes of all ages in Seattle, WA. Among our available mouthguards are our custom-made mouthguards, which maximize both comfort and protectiveness in custom-fit the will make you forget you're even wearing a mouthguard. Read on to learn more about our mouthguards below, and contact our Seattle, WA dental office at (206) 621-1233 today!

Why Do You Need a Mouthguard?

Though regular exercise and physical activity is great for overall health, many sports and other physical activities can put our bodies at risk for injury. Among the injuries frequently sustained during sports are injuries to the teeth and mouth. Wearing a mouthguard is the easiest and most effective way to prevent these injuries. The American Dental Association recommends that mouthguards be worn while a person is in engaged in common sports such as basketball, football, rugby, skiing, snowboarding, volleyball, surfing, wrestling, surfing, and soccer. Mouth and jaw injuries are one of the most common injuries to athletes and can lead to expensive fixes, cosmetic concerns and other health problems down the road. By wearing a mouthguard, you will be greatly reducing your risk of injury to your teeth, mouth, and head. Wearing a mouthguard is especially important if you are already using braces or a retainer and our Seattle dentistry can provide the protection you need!

3 Types of Mouthguards Available to You at Our Office

Are you involved in sports? Here are the three basic types of mouthguards available to you at our office:

  • Pre-Made Mouthguard: Our pre-made mouthguards are ready to go right out of the packaging. Great for game-day fixes and budgets, these mouthguards will get the job done for both kids and adults.
  • “Boil-and-Bite” Fitted Mouthguard: Boil-and-bite mouthguards are boiled in water for 10-15 minutes and placed around the teeth to mold to their unique shape. This produces a more comfortable fit that also offers excellent protection.
  • Custom-Made Mouthguard: Our custom-made mouthguards are the optimal mouthguard for those looking to maximize comfort and protection for their teeth and mouth. Designed using a special software and mold of your teeth, our custom-made mouthguards fit your bite even better than boil-and-bite mouthguards and offer the highest level of protection available in a mouthguard today.

Get Your Mouthguard With Us Today!

Don't wait to get a mouthguard until an accident has already occurred and your teeth have been severely damaged. If you are involved in sports, talk to your doctor today about which type of mouthguard would be right for you. Our custom-made guards here at the office of Dr. Henry Chin DDS will help you to continue enjoying playing your favorite sport, while knowing you are protecting a valuable asset—your teeth. Call our office now at (201) 373-6419 to request more information regarding mouthguards.

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